How to Burn Belly Fat

What are the Best Ways to Burn  Belly Fat?


I want to tell you how you can not only burn fat, but how you can live longer and be much healthier.

For free.

You don’t need to pay anything.

This is something I not only learnt the VERY hard way, but its something that has become my passion.

I want to pass on what I learnt as to how I burned fat and created a healthier life for myself, my family and now hundreds of others.

By doing some very simple things.


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And easy.

Because here’s a fact:  You are unlikely to die of old age if you live in America today!


Because most Americans die of deficiencies in their diet!

We are creating self-inflicted plagues like cancer, stroke and heart disease.

I know.  I was falling victim to the same things.

We’re not dying of old age. We’re simply killing ourselves.

And we don’t have to.

deb-michaels-burnfatplanWho am I?  I’m Debra Michaels and I”m not going to paste a whole bunch of before and after pictures of myself here.

I’m not even going to show you my weight loss and how my life turned around.

Because you WON’T BELIEVE ME!

Unless you get my 100 free FatLossPlan (which should actually be my Fat Loss and Anti-Aging Plan).

I’ll show you why most diets CANNOT work.

And how some foods are literally KILLING us.

And how you can drop weight like a falling pebble and be as fit as a 30 year old, even if you’re double that age.

But if you just want to lose fat.  Then fine.  I’ll show you.

When trying any belly fat or burn fat diet you need to know that losing stomach fat or belly fat is not just about the size of your waist.

There are some key factors relating to burning fat that relate to your overall health and that you can do something about quickly.

What happens to your fat?

Your fat is stored in your body in the way your body was designed to, meaning it will sit on those places many of us want to lose it from: the hips, the thighs, the buttocks and the belly or abdomen

This fat sits just under the skin and is sometimes called subcutaneous fat as that is where it lies.

There are also more dangerous fat storage areas near the body organs.  This fat will sit around the heart, the liver, lungs and so on and is called deep fat or visceral fat.

It is this visceral fat that is a problem for many of us no matter how “fat” we might be.

I explain more about about losing that visceral fat in my course, but you are interested right now on knowing how to burn belly fat.

But some foods are already killing us!

I am passionate about eating the RIGHT food.

The fact is we are daily consuming food that is killing us.

All sorts.  My course talks about foods you MUST avoid like the plague because . . .

They are worse than the plague!

Take aspartame, for instance . . in fact check the video below.

It does. You can start doing some relatively vigorous exercise and start losing your belly fat quite easily.

When you get my 100% free course I’ll explain more about POISONOUS FOOD . . and the food you MUST eat to burn fat and live longer.

And about how to exercise properly.

What sort of exercise is best?

You should be doing about half an hour at least three and better four  hours a week.  This will involve jogging, using a treadmill, a rowing machine or other aerobic exercise.  By lifting your heart rate for about 30 minutes for three or four times weekly  you will slow down visceral fat and begin to burn belly fat.

But you don’t have to go to the gym.  The idea is to raise that heart rate by doing some ‘vigorous’ exercise and you should do that regularly and it will help you burn fat.

Belly Fat Diet

You can use various diets to burn belly fat and there is no sacred, magic method.  Different diets will work if they are used properly.

Among the things you should take care of is to ensure you’re eating fiber because that will help with your fat reduction.

For instance, eat around 10 grams of soluble fiber daily and you will begin to lose fat regardless of what else you’re eating.

But there really is Soooo much  more . .

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