A Safe Way To Shed Pounds In 30 Days

Reports and the ‘evidence’ from newspapers demonstrates that the average woman will spend over 30 years on a diet. For men, it is two or three years less, but there is another, more significant fact and it is one I wrestled with following diet failure after diet failure . . Are you ready for it…

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Beat Bloating And Help Flatten Your Tummy Doing This . .

One of the things I experienced during my fat burning experience was bloating.  It’s unpleasant but, much more important, it is also unnecessary.  There are a number of simple things you can do to avoid bloating when you’re losing weight and I’ve outlined the key ones here. Losing weight and removing the bloated feeling that…

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Vitamin D The Vital Vitamin. Here’s Why . .

Let’s understand a few things about Vitamin D and what it means.  Whether you’re dieting or simply seeking the most nutritious food, you need to understand how important this vital vitamin is It’s a sunny and bright day outside, and you’re feeling on top of the world. You’re in a great mood, and you can’t…

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Beat Bloating With These 12 Tips

Getting a flat stomach and avoiding the ghastly bloating is something that troubles a lot of people. It is easy to feel uncomfortably full after a meal and to put on extra weight too. But bloating is something you can control and avoid. I’ve put together 9 “anti bloating” tips you should use to give…

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The Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

Margie Gionni – May is International Mediterranean Diet Month. Over the last few years, the Mediterranean cuisine has gained a popular platform for healthy eating. It’s fresh, light and tasty, and it encompasses food and recipes from a multitude of countries along the Mediterranean such as Greece, Italy, Malta, Spain and Turkey. It can also…

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